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Random Gaming Today.

Been playing a superfluous amount of COD: Black Ops today. Have you ever wondered whether your killing capacity is relative to your actual capability, or if it’s based on how many bullets you can chuck around your target?

Playing on XBL. Torin Mikado.

I tend to suck at this. Specially after this long.

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Minecraft: An Escape From The Horrible; Journeying into Modding.

I can’t bring myself to play anything else. I can’t even keep playing Starcraft II, and I have a major nerd-on for Starcraft II. I even made the major decision to drop my Minecraft private server. $8.00 a month is a great price for the small server I had, but I just couldn’t keep making that payment and doing the same old thing.

1.7 isn’t out yet, and I wanted pistons. I had been told to try out the Piston Mod, and I searched into it. It’s not a difficult process to mod the game, and I decided to go a step further and add in a few extra mods. By the time I was done with my initial modding, I had the following addons:

Piston Mod
Arrow Mod
Single Player Commands

And of course, ModLoader to incorporate them into the game. That being said and done I attempted to start the game, and after a couple failed attempts, I realized that Arrow Mod had been the accidental culprit and I was too tired to try and reinstall it, so I deleted it. I was able to start the game at this point, and I reveled in the wonders of a modified Minecraft. I’ve made pistons, a house above a mountain, and I’ve got plenty more ideas in store. My only disappointment is that I can’t share it with anyone except in pictures or YouTube videos. I may have to copy this world and upload it onto another server. I’ll put some pictures up later, after cleanage of the house.

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Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Hail to the King. Unfortunately, I’m about to give him hell.

I touched the demo for this, and I did so warily. I’ve been expectant of this game’s eventual release for some time. We all have waited with baited breath for the game that took over 13 years to come out. And it seems that some of the developers held their breaths for a bit too long.

The two chapters I played make me not want to play the whole game, save for the simple urge to know if the rest of the game plays like the demo did.

Chapter 1: The chapter starts out staring at a urinal, and you get the first action trigger; pull the right trigger to piss. Quite literally, RT = “Piss”. Great starting point. You then make your way out of the large bathroom and into a locker room of the “Detonators”. There are wounded and dead guys scattered across the room, and a few guys standing around a whiteboard. They are discussing something, and run out of the room. You can then, if you want to, write on the whiteboard. (Every single thing in the world can be interacted with, if you haven’t figured this out.)

Long story short - You get a missile launcher and then get to use it against a missile firing cyclops in a football stadium. Once you’ve beaten him, Duke gets an idea, and kicks the eye through the goal posts. The title sequence shows, and you see that you’re playing Duke playing the game while getting a blow n’ tug from the two girls pictured above. One of them asks if it was good, and he responds, “It better be, it took fuckin’ long enough.”

Chapter 2: You are in your monster truck, running over pigmen and dodging boulders when all of a sudden you run out of gas. Duke gets out of the truck and then you get to experience the horrible firsthand. The aiming is ludicrous and Duke doesn’t have health. Getting hit takes away from his ego. Don’t worry, it refills. And apparently if you get an execution, it instantly refills.

(….Says alot.)

So you go through all of this level firing wildly at pigmen with an arsenal that just happens to be lying around, and eventually end up in a cave, jumping broken cart tracks in a mine cart and finding several cans of gas (Oh, Goody!) in the far reaches. Then you get to meet the octobrains… Yeah, I said that right. In particular, Octobabies and Pregnators. They’re called Pregnators because they try to shove a tube in your mouth Facehugger-style and you get to rapidly press an action button to break free and punch them in the babymaker. (Hah!)

Another long cart ride back to your truck, 2 more pigmen killed for effing with your wheels, and you get to put gas back in your truck and start the 4-wheeled carnage all over again. At least, until it blacks out and goes to the post-demo movie sequence showing you more than you could ever know about the game you’ve yet to play. Or rather, the game you’ve yet to play because they shoved the most boring parts at you and sufficiently ended your desire to continue.

I wish this was the game that I had waited so long for. I wish that Duke had matured a touch. I wish that I could give this a good review. I wish that I could come up with something good to say about this.

If it can be done, it must be done in excess. And Duke Nukem Forever does it to a degree of over 9000.

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Why I need Minecraft 1.7 in my life.

Pistons. Watch the video below.

About halfway through, they demonstrate how to make a secret door. With stairs. And it’s brilliant.

I need all of this in my life.

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The In-So-Far Review! - L.A. Noire

So I wanted to do a game by a company I hadn’t touched in a while, and I put my hands on a Rockstar game as often as I do a Rockstar Energy Drink.

I have a caffeine allergy, by the way.

I picked it up at Hastings, and was surprised when the clerk handed me three small, clear plastic cases.

"Wait. This is a 3-disc game??"

"That’s what the computer says."

"…All right."

I rented the Xbox version, and I’m assuming that the PS3 version is only 1 disc, cause Blu-Ray beats DVD-DL anyday in terms of storage. But this got me thinking about how long this game is. Suffice to say, 13 (consecutive) hours later and I just put disc 3 in. I started playing it around 7 this morning, and have only stopped to eat, crap, and take the dog out. This is the first long break I’ve taken, and it’s 8:20-ish in the evening.

Thoughts So Far:

I’m enjoying the overall plot of things. Seeing this come together is an interesting experience. I like the content, and the fact that you change divisions right around the time you get tired of working the same series of cases. I like the detective work that is involved, and I think that Rockstar did a good job taking their GTA systems and incorporating them into this new title.

As I played through the first disc, I was very watchful towards Phelps’ behavior. I think that in all of the divisions I’ve played through (Beat Cop, Traffic, Homicide and now Ad Vice) Cole has moments where he seems a bit robotic. His answers during conversations with partners don’t seem like the musings of a very educated veteran, they seem like the computations of a cyborg. He doesn’t seem to know how to show sympathy (he tells a young girl who is home alone when Phelps and his partner shows up that her mother is dead, and then says, “Do you think you could answer some questions for us?”), but over the course of the second disc, I became so enthralled in continuing the storyline that I started to care less and less about Cole. And now that he’s in Ad Vice he seems to be calming down… a little. Maybe because they lured me in with a real life case and gave me an ending that makes me wonder if it actually ended that way or not. 

Another thing about Phelps is his investigative technique. You can pick up things around a crime scene, or most other environments (You’ll be notified this by a music change) and when you pass by an examinable item, you’ll get a vibration through the controller and a chime. Now, this chime is the same for a discarded .357 as it is for a cigarette pack. And Phelps’ response in this situation is always the same: you press the action button, Phelps picks up item, and the left analog stick allows you to spin said object around in a circle with Phelps’ hand being the axis. On certain objects, you have to turn to a certain angle and you get another vibration, which generally sends your thumb off course by a hair’s width and send the objects spiraling away from the desired point.

I have always despised the driving mechanics in the GTA games, and LA Noire seems to have inherited it from them. Luckily, they give you the option of setting the destination and having your partner drive you. This function allows you to hear the obligatory dialogue without doing the obligatory driving. To me, that makes more sense, because Cole does enough car chases to suffice for the amount of driving I ever want to do in a Rockstar Adventure/Suspense-style game.

I like the use of the notebook, but I wonder why you can’t scroll up from the top of the list and end up at the bottom. Only reason I wonder this is from interrogations when you have to produce evidence to make them tell the truth you generally have to select that evidence from the bottom of the list. Luckily, they do cross out evidence that has no relevance to certain witnesses/suspects…sometimes.

As a whole, I think this game is somewhat individual. It takes a large amount of gameplay elements from other games in the genre, but it does several things that make it stand out as an individual.

To Be Fair…

At this point, I’ve yet to see the final disc all of the way through, so Cole may yet develop a solid conscience with it comes to interviewing, and the in between cutscenes of his past may make more sense than they do. I read that it has to do with finding the newspapers, but I’ve found like 5 of them total. Haven’t really been looking for them because I got tired of having to watch them in the middle of a current case if I want to see them at all. I’ve not really done a lot of the extraneous content as I can’t be sure that it holds any bearing on what I’ve left to achieve. I want to get to the bottom of Phelps’ character, but I don’t really want to finish the game because I’m afraid that there’s nothing at the bottom. And I can’t stand lack of character development. But I’ll finish it. And I’ve got the week to do it, should I get tired of running around as an organic Robocop and need a break for a while.

You never know. My end review of L.A. Noire may be completely different and wonderful. But as it stands, here’s how I dish the points out:

Gameplay = 3.5
Character = 4.25
Plot = 4.0
Play Time = 5.0
Individuality = 3.5

Overall = 4.1

Rent/ Buy = Rent

Only reason I say to rent it is because of the recent developments of Redbox soon to be adding games into their rentable content at $2 a night. So take a night and give it a test drive. If you like it, then give it a chance.

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Concerning content.

I want to clarify a bit on what I’m going to be posting in the remainder of this month and the coming month.

For the rest of this month I’ll be reviewing some of my most and least favorite games and anything I can get my hands on at the local Hastings. I’ll also be putting up new info on upcoming games and hopefully I can even get a commentary or a Let’s Play up. 

For the month of July I’ll have some stuff queued up (hopefully) and any major breaking info I find out. I won’t have many reviews up for July because I’ll be in London, and writing an exceptional amount of short stories and other work for my classes. I’ll be back on August 8th, and I promise I’ll have some new stuff on my doorstep and just begging to be talked about. But I’ll have my laptop and if I read something stellar or disastrous I’ll have it on here. 

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Thoughts on E3: Halo 4….asdfklahpgooeiqwjioqw…

I need to go clean up. I may have just accidentally everything.

Okay, now that I’ve switched to my laptop (PC’s out of commission for… reasons), here’s my thought:

It’s about damn time someone to decide to pull the old boy from beyond the grave. It’s one of those stories that couldn’t end simply with the heroic sacrifice. No, he needs to make the heroic sacrifice and survive to kick more alien backsides. Which is exactly what the Master Chief has done. I haven’t really gotten to look in depth at any of the information for this (if there even is any) but I’m stoked. So long as they don’t repeat the heroic sacrifice again. Then I’ll be moderately stoked, maybe borderline amused.

I’m not upset that they’re bringing back the chief. I’m surprised that Bungie is taking this in stride, however they did say that Reach would be their last Halo. I can’t see how 343 plans on bringing 3 more games into the Halo canon, and that worries me. But there’s a ton of speculation I could throw out there, so I’ll hold my tongue to prevent any further foot-to-mouth incidents.

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Thoughts on E3: Hitman: Absolution

So I was searching the net for any other interesting news from E3, and I stumbled across this little, shall I say… T-t-t-ttteeaaser. Seriously, Eidos. Seriously.

And to be inquisitive, is that Diana? F’real? Didn’t she help him out in the last one? 

Oh, and what the hell, guys. We know what 47 looks like. And no, (while I liked the movie as it’s own entity) 47 does not look like this:

…Close, though. A little older. 

Regardless, I’m a die-hard fan of the Hitman series, and to see a new game in the works after so long makes me all tingly in the pants. Can’t wait to see what’s in store. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE 1 !: I went the official website and they do in fact have 47’s face visible. It’s good to see him back in action. I was kind of worried that they were trying something new.

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Thoughts on E3: Minecraft coming to Xbox 360

I would say that I find this hard to believe, but I saw this coming some time back. Back when there was a game released on the Arcade called FortressCraft, which many people cursed at for being a ripoff of Minecraft. The developer retorted that he had made his game based on the original game, Infiniminer, and that he couldn’t foresee anything horrible coming from making his game. I think deep down, he expected that eventually Notch would see that this style of gameplay was possible on the Xbox and say, “Hey, I think we can make this happen.”

Now, Notch has confirmed that another company will be doing the port to console, but he was very hush-hush about exactly who it was. I’m assuming that a major company decided to get in touch with Mojang and make a deal on porting it. Notch said that he was still going to be a part of the process, but I can’t help but feel that this is the first step to “Call of Duty: Minecraft Ops” or the MMORPG “World of Minecraft”. I know that Notch wouldn’t allow this to happen, but there is always the fear.

But now I’m thinking of WoW in Minecraftian style. And Taurens. Moo.

But back to the topic at hand. And ironically, that was more of a segue than I had planned. It concerns the overlying topic I’m having trouble grasping, the elephant in the room that I can hear and see, but can’t feel; Controls. I know that Minecraft isn’t very control heavy. Run, jump, Crouch(Sneak), attack, place, and… look around. I think that’s it, but there are the issues of Inventory and Crafting which both use the mouse. Then again, that could be settled by simply using a “snap to” interface. Y’know, you select something, and instead of having to move the item up to where you want it, it snaps to where it can go, and you have the option of choosing between those available areas. But I distinctly remember hearing a comment that included the words “Minecraft” and “Kinect” in the same sentence and I can’t remember much else about it or the rest of the night for that matter because I snapped, blacked out, and woke up on top of the refrigerator with a ladel and a box of matches with peanut butter smeared across my face like war paint.

I don’t see how Minecraft could have anything remotely related to a Kinect-based interface. But I’m not a Kinect user, nor do I think I ever will be. I’ve got a Wii, and I use it for Netflix in the spare room on the off occasion I end up in there.

If you have a Kinect and enjoy it, good for you. If they bring a Kinect based interface to Minecraft then I want to see videos of you guys using it. I’m a traditional Keyboard and mouse *or* controller person. I like to immerse myself into an adventure or survival from a purely mental standpoint. Adding all of that physical motion into the mix detracts from my enjoyment of said adventure or survival. I don’t feel immersed into it, I feel as though it’s virtual, fake, and I’m making this fake person do these things by making a motion into a camera and some sensors. It’s not nearly as fun as devoting everything my brain can do to the story, the characters, and the time and effort that went into creating this experience I’m devoting my time to playing through.

And that’s part of the reason I like Minecraft. I enjoy the fact that it’s a game that I can’t beat in a day, or a week, or at this point, ever. It’s not a boring game either, because of…. let’s say you’re exploring a cave and you get tired of fighting off zombies. You can head back to the surface and build a replica of the Statue of Liberty with a torch that is actually on fire, should you feel so inclined. So I can only hope that this upcoming port retains many of the features that make the pc version so damn good. And if they remove the ability to connect to a multiplayer server, so help me God I’ll find a way to send Creepers to their front door. And, in case you don’t know, this is a Creeper.

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Thoughts on E3: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

So I watched the recent video, and I need to express my actual first thoughts on it.

First Thought: a;lsdkfhaslkdjbgqagxgargao;ibvf,………..

Second Thought: WANT.

Third Thought: ….Okay. Form some sentences. Get all that motor function back. This isn’t the first time your mind was blown.

…And that’s truth. And the appropriate actions to those are as follows. 


…albeit not nearly as composed.


….probably looked just like that. Also, ME GUSTA.

Anyways, back on topic. I have to share some thoughts and questions on the video in question. If you are confused which video I’m speaking of, refer to last post and meet me back here after you clean up after yourself.

First and foremost. I have to know who the bald Templar is in this one. We haven’t seen a badass bald Templar in the AC Series since Robert de Sable. And this guy doesn’t look like his great great great great great great…. great grandson. But whoever he is, it’s clear that he doesn’t have an appreciation for Ezio’s skill, especially considering that Ezio is roughly 52 in Revelations. I don’t know that many 52-year-old people who are that fast.

Secondly: Are Ezio’s visions of Altaïr due to his age, or is there a factor that we don’t know of yet? I know that the reason for Ezio’s pilgrimage to Masayaf is to learn more about his heritage, and try to understand why his blood is destined for the life of the Brotherhood. Too soon to tell, at this point.

And SideNote here: Has Ezio had enough time to have a descendant? I mean, he has to have had at least one, as Desmond is a direct Descendant of the bloodline, but was it with Caterina? Maybe that night in Monteriggioni right before the Borgia attacked? I know Ezio was a flirt and had several intimate encounters, but both of the women that he truly loved (Christina and Caterina) died, and it’s unclear whether either of them had his child.

Third: This fucking song. I have been listening to it almost constantly. I love this damn song, and I have to say that the video was made for the song, or vice-versa. I can’t see them as separate entities now. I’ve tried.

Fourth: I remember what happened at the end of AC: Brotherhood. I can’t see how they can do anything with Desmond at this point. So I need to keep trying to grasp the concepts that have been thrown about concerning our modern-day assassin. 

SPOILER ALERT: You Have Been Warned.

Desmond is in a coma. He has been placed into Rebecca’s Animus. He ends up in an area called the “Black Room,” which is supposedly an effect of extensive exposure to the Animus and will be working to recover himself and in a concept called….

" ‘revolutionary gameplay’ Desmond Miles will need to change the construct of his ancestors’ memories and, in the process, unravel the future." (From AC wiki)

"After both his extensive exposure to the Animus, and the strain of the Apple on his mind, Desmond’s conscious shattered, leaving him in a deep coma. He was placed back into an Animus by the Assassins in an attempt to keep his mind active. Here, Desmond slipped from the "White Room", which serves as the loading screen for genetic memories, into the "Black Room"; a ‘safe’ room where Desmond could access his own fragmented memories through a back door in the Animus’ programming. Desmond had to repair his splintered subconscious piece by piece from within the Animus in order to wake himself from his coma, ultimately having to find a specific memory that linked himself, Altaïr and Ezio together to accomplish this." (AC Wiki - Desmond Miles)


So here’s the kicker. Revelations will be released this November. That may sound kind of fast, but now that it’s on it’s way, it can’t get here fast enough. Once I find more information out, I’ll post it here.